Clam Pro Tackle Frost Ice Monofilament Fishing Line – 1 lb., 110 Yards, Gold

  • By Clam Pro Tackle
  • Model #115606


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Clam Pro Tackle knows ice fishing…Frost Ice Monofilament Line is designed by Sunline Co. specifically for the rigors of ice fishing. Frost Ice Line is Japanese-made to the strictest of tolerances, using the highest quality raw materials available. With a straighter “off-the-spool” feed, Frost Line has less coil. A moderate amount of line stretch offers a perfect balance of strong hook sets with excellent bite detection while offering forgiveness for head shakes below the hole.


  • Clam Pro Tackle Frost Ice Line
  • 100% Monofilament
  • Color: Gold
  • Length: 110 Yards
  • Pound Test: 1 lb.
  • Designed Especially for Cold Weather
  • Will Not Lose Strength or Suppleness in Cold
  • Nearly Invisible in Water for Stealthy Presentations
  • Low Stretch for Strong Hooksets & Greater Sensitivity
  • Low Memory Compared to Other Lines on the Market
  • Highly Abrasion Resistant Against the Bottom of the Hole
  • IGFA Compatible Pound Test Rating
  • True Diameter to Pound Test Rating
  • Manufactured by Sunline