FOXPRO 10 AA NiMH Battery Kit for FOXPRO Shockwave, Hellfire, Banshee

  • By FOXPRO, Inc.


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For optimum performance, FOXPRO recommends the use of rechargeable batteries for powering your game calls. This kit includes 10 ‘AA’ low-self-discharge rechargeable NiMH batteries and a standard 120VAC wall charger. This kit will charge depleted batteries in about 10 hours.


  • FOXPRO 10 AA NiMH Battery Kit
  • 120VAC Wall Charger
  • (10) AA Rechargeable NiMH Low Self Discharge Batteries
  • Compatible with the Following FOXPRO Digital Game Calls:
  • Shockwave
  • Hellfire
  • Banshee

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