FOXPRO 4K9 Pup Predator Hand Call

  • By FOXPRO, Inc.
  • Model #4K9 PUP


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The FOXPRO 4K9 Pup comes with a thin .0075 size reed. The open reed design allows you to create a variety of sounds from high-pitched rodent sounds to busy bird distresses. The 4K9 Pup has a soft flexible bell for extreme comfort and brings you even more distress capabilities. It has a raised ridge which helps prevent the reed from freezing to the tone board in cold weather conditions.


  • FOXPRO 4K9 Pup
  • Sound Possibilities: Coyote Vocalizations & Prey Distress Sounds
  • Type: Predator Hand Call
  • Open Reed Design with a Thin .0075 Reed
  • Raised Ridge on Tone Board to Help Prevent Freezing
  • Soft Flexible Bell for Extreme Comfort
  • Versatile Calling Applications
  • Easy to Use