FOXPRO Furtaker Combo Pack of Predator Hand Calls

  • By FOXPRO, Inc.


This product is no longer offered.


The Furtaker Combo Pack from FOXPRO has the three most popular styles of predator hand calls. This pack includes the Tantrum (closed reed), Kamikaze (bite call), and the 4K9 (open reed) hand calls. The Kamikaze and 4K9 calls have a raised ridge on the tone board to help prevent freezing. The Furtaker Combo Pack gives you all you need to reproduce bird sounds, rabbit sounds, rodent distress, and coyote vocalizations. Put more fur on the ground with the Furtaker Combo Pack by FOXPRO.


  • FOXPRO Furtaker Combo Pack
  • Includes: (1) 4K9 Call, (1) Tantrum Call, & (1) Kamikaze Call
  • 4K9: Open Reed Design, Produces Coyote Vocalizations & Prey Distress Sounds
  • Tantrum: Closed Reed Design, Produces Jackrabbit, Fawn, & Other Prey Distress Sounds
  • Kamikaze: Bite Call Design, Produces Realistic Rabbit, Bird, & Other Prey Distress Sounds
  • Type: Predator Hand Calls
  • Soft Flexible Bell for Extreme Comfort
  • Versatile Calling Applications
  • Easy to Use