Great Scrape Woody Shovel BBQ Cleaning Tool/Grill Scraper

  • By Great Scrape
  • Model #GRTSHV-20


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The Great Scrape is an all-natural BBQ cleaning tool and wood grill scraper. It is an alternative to the old metal wire brush. Because the Great Scrape is made of solid wood, you won’t have to worry about metal bristles getting in your food or damaging your grill grates. It starts with a flat edge that catches multiple grates. It works by allowing you to create custom grooves on the scraper’s edge to uniquely fit your barbecue grill. The scraper’s edge has a tapered design that starts thin, then thickens up to slow down the grooving process. The grooves will start to form during the first use and will get deeper with continued use. Because of the design, the grooving process will slow down as the grooves reach the thicker part of the wood. With proper care, you should expect years of use from your Great Scrape. We recommend storing it out of the elements, such as under your grill cover to increase its longevity. It is super easy to clean, just wipe the charred debris off the tip with a paper towel, cloth, or napkin. It is made of solid premium hardwood and is the perfect grilling accessory or BBQ gift.


  • Great Scrape Woody Shovel BBQ Cleaning Tool/Grill Scraper
  • Size: 20 in. x 4.75 in. x 0.75 in.
  • Handle Provides Extra Leverage
  • Length Keeps Fingers Away from Heat
  • Recommended for Medium/High Heat & Medium/Large Grills
  • Made of Solid Premium Hardwood (Red Oak/Beech)
  • Coated with All Natural, Non-Toxic, Food Safe Mineral Oil
  • Safe for Porcelain, Cast, or Stainless Grates
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to Clean
  • No Wire Bristles
  • How to Customize it to Your Grill:
  • 1. Get the Grill Hot, High Heat Allows the Grooves to Form Quickly
  • 2. Repeatedly Work the Scraper Back & Forth on the Grill Grate
  • 3. Grooves will Form on the Scraper’s Edge

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