Backyard Ice Rinks

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Enjoy all the fun of ice rinks right in your backyard, near your campsite, or wherever you go! We have inflatable and portable ice rinks for easy access to ice skating, ice hockey, and more. We have backyard ice rinks that can accommodate up to five children! All you have to do is inflate the rink, fill it with water, and let the brisk winter air do its job until the water freezes. Made from durable, high-quality cold crack 8-gauge PVC, our at-home ice rinks are built to weather the winter weather and endure rigorous ice skating for years to come. Imagine the look of excitement on your kid's face when you tell them you brought an ice-skating rink to your very own backyard! At Omni Outdoor Living, we have all kinds of equipment for outdoor fun and adventures! Browse our selection and choose your pick today to enjoy long-lasting excitement and adventure!