Fireplace Screens

Make any room feel like home with the perfect hearth from Omni Outdoor Living. Here we have all sorts of fireplace accessories to complete your hearth, including fireplace screens of all different shapes, sizes, and designs. Our expansive selection has something for everyone- choose a romantic design for a charming cottage feel, or something sleek and modern for a sophisticated aesthetic. Our fireplace screens will help you create the hearth of your dreams, one that you couldn't have even imagined. Enjoy the warmth and coziness of home and enhance your fireplace with all the right trimmings this winter. Not only will our fireplace screens add an extra degree of designer flair, but they will reduce the presence of free-flying sparks escaping your fireplace opening. This will help keep you, your loved ones, and your home spark-free and safe. Imagine cozy nights by the fireplace with your family. Picture holiday parties with guests relaxing by the fireplace, basking in its beauty and light. Browse our collection and get your fireplace screen today while supplies last!