Axes & Machetes

Our axes & machetes are a cut above the rest! At Omni Outdoor Living, you'll find high quality axes & machetes made from premium titanium nitride, stainless steel, and other high-grade materials. These top-end knives offer rugged and reliable strength, cutting versatility, and effortless ease. Cut through a number of materials, including paracord, cloth, rope, wood, bone, and more. The versatility that these axes & machetes provide render them a must-have for camping trips and hiking excursions. Chop down some wood for the campfire or clear a path on your trail or campsite. With axes & machetes from Omni Outdoor Living, you can level up your outdoor adventures! Get all of your tools here for cutting edge performance & sharp design. We carry an abundance of high-quality, durable outdoor equipment for all kinds of fun and good times. Browse our expansive collection and get your axes and machetes today while supplies last!