Bike Trailers

Carry hefty loads on your electric bike with an e-Bike trailer from Omni Outdoor Living. Whether an item is big, bulky, awkward, or irregular, you can carry it with a quality bike cargo trailer. Durable, all-terrain tires are built to withstand even the bumpiest trails and most rugged environments. Their secure connections and 3-way adjustable rack systems ensure that cargo stays stable and secured during travels. These bicycle cargo trailers are ideal for any hunter, farmer, or camper who needs to haul seed for food plots, trail cameras, tree stands, firewood, or supplies from the store! Their compact design makes them a great tool for carrying hefty loads, even on narrow trails. Go the extra mile with these bicycle cargo trailers! We carry an abundance of equipment for all kinds of fun and good times. Browse our selection and get your e-bikes and accessories for camping, RV trips, and outdoor excursions while supplies last!