Solar Panel Kits & Components

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding solar power to your overlanding vehicle and gear is a great way to power your outings. Solar power can serve as a main source of power to appliances, or as a backup in the event that electricity from your generator or power bank runs out. You can equip many non-solar generators with solar panels and accessories, including solar panel roof mounts, to introduce an additional power source. Flex Solar produces portable and foldable solar panels designed with travel in mind. These highly efficient and compact accessories are ideal for longer adventures where you know you’ll need extra power, but don’t have the space for another generator or power bank.

The Flex Solar 60-Watt Portable C60 Solar Panel is made up of monocrystalline solar cells for the most efficient processing while remaining foldable and compact enough to pack into a backpack or trunk. This solar panel is well-suited to charge your phones, tablets, laptops, and more, so that you never have to be without communication and navigation technologies. Flex Solar carries some of the best solar panels for sale, including solar panel kits that fold into a compact briefcase shape for various kinds of expeditions.