Magnetic Drinkware

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Save space & improve efficiency with magnetic drinkware and houseware from Omni Outdoor Living. If you're running out of cabinet space or you want to make cups more accessible to kids, you can opt for magnetic cups. Stick magnetic cups to the fridge or place them place them in a magnetic beverage holder for extra storage space. Join them with some magnetic coasters for a spill-proof set up. Magnetic drinkware is ideal for the RV, road trips, and patios, where cups need to be secured and space needs to be optimized. Our magnetic cups are made from unbreakable stainless steel, rendering them durable enough to withstand the ruggedness of travel and the outdoors. Omni Outdoor Living has the best quality and variety of drinkware for travelling and outdoor activities! We carry an abundance of accessories and equipment for all kinds of fun and good times. Browse our selection and get your magnetic drinkware and houseware for outdoor enjoyment, RV trips, and camping excursions while supplies last!