RAVE Sports Anchor Connector Kit for Water Inflatables

  • By RAVE Sports
  • Model #01024


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The RAVE Sports Anchor Connector provides easy set up of your RAVE Proline product year after year. The simple, three-part system reliably holds your product in place and permanently marks the anchor location, allowing you to easily move your product to shore while the yellow marker identifies the bungee location for reconnection. It features a 6-foot anchor cord, marine grade components, hot dip galvanized steel chain, 15-foot long by ½-inch diameter braided nylon, 24-inch long by ¼-inch diameter nylon, and a 5-inch foam float.


  • Simple 3-Part System for Anchoring Inflatable Products
  • 6 ft. Shock Cord to Absorb Movement & Stress
  • 15 ft. x 0.5 in. Diameter Braided Nylon Rope
  • 24 in. x 0.25 in. Diameter Braided Nylon
  • 5 in. Foam Float Marks Location
  • Galvanized Steel Chain
  • Marine Grade Components

30 Day Limited warranty for personal use