UDECX 12" Anchor Spike for Modular Portable Decking System

  • By Udecx
  • Model #SSP12


This product is no longer offered.


This UDECX Anchor Spike is used to secure Structural Piers in the UDECX Modular Portable Decking System. Order 18" Anchor Spike instead (UDECX part # SSP18, sold separately) if you are using 1" Shims and/or a combination of 3" Risers and 1" Shims to elevate the Structural Pier more than 6" off grade.


  • UDECX 12" Anchor Spike
  • For UDECX Modular Portable Decking System
  • Use Part # SSP18 Instead if Riser/Shims Elevate Structural Pier More Than 6" Off Grade