Airhead Cove Saddle Personal Floatation Device - Blue

  • By Airhead
  • Model #10001-17-A-BL


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The Airhead Cove Saddle offers a simple way to stay afloat without the use of a life jacket. Use it in a pool or at the lake to lounge in the water with friends and family—you’ll love floating on your back or belly with ease. This personal floatation device is made from soft nylon that feels comfortable against your skin. Inside, a lightweight Poly-E flotation device ensures your safety. When you’re moving from the shore to the water, the Cove Saddle has carrying handles that make it easy to transport. While Cove Saddle isn’t Coast Guard approved, it can provide a convenient option for those who feel timid in even the shallow parts of the pool and lake. This one-size-fits-all adult PFD will make it easy to cool off whenever the need strikes.


  • Airhead Cove Saddle
  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions (Flat): 39 in. x 15 in. x 1.75 in.
  • Floatation Saddle for Cooling Off in Pools or Lakes
  • Durable Soft 200-Denier Polyester Shell
  • Lightweight Poly-E Flotation Inside
  • Comfortable Supportive Backrest
  • Convenient Webbing Carry Handles
  • Not a USCG Approved Device


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