Aquaglide Hurricane 110v 3.6 Pump

  • By Aquaglide
  • Model #585318120


This product is no longer offered.


The Aquaglide Hurricane 110v 3.6 Pump quickly inflates Aquaglide kayaks, residential aquaparks, and small commercial parks. It is great for inflating low PSI aquapark pieces or kayaks, and operates at a max PSI of 3.6 psi. The Aquaglide Hurricane 110v pump makes quick work of medium to smaller-sized items. With a max working cycle of 30-minutes, this little pump puts out 1000 watts. Get your Aquaglide Hurricane Kayak Pump today and stay prepared for your adventures!


  • Aquaglide Hurricane 110v 3.6 Pump
  • Best for Kayaks, Residential Aquaparks, & Small Commercial Parks
  • Max Pressure: 3.6 PSI (0.25 b)
  • Air Flow: 40 cfm (2000 L/min)
  • Includes 4 ft. 40mm Hose & Fittings (Halkey-Roberts, Boston, & Stem)
  • This Pump is Designed to Fit Aquaglide Valves; It is Not Guaranteed to Fit Other Brand’s Valves

90 Days