Blackstone Single Burner Propane Rec Stove

  • By Blackstone
  • Model #1504


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The Gas Single Burner Outdoor Stove in Black with Foldable Legs is what you need to cook up hot meals with ease. Throw your stock pot, skillet, or dutch oven on the 21,000 BTUs of heat to cook corn on the cob, fries, steaks, veggies, or soup. There is more than enough space to feed two very hungry people or even a family of four. Take it out to the campsite, park, beach, tailgate, or your backyard; anywhere you like in the great outdoors. This stove works on any terrain from the rough n’ muddy to the grassy and plain. This outdoor stove feeds your family with the taste of an awesome getaway!


  • Blackstone Single Burner Rec Stove
  • Feeds 2-4 People
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • 21,000 BTUs of Heat from round Cast Iron Burner
  • Use with Dutch Ovens, Skillets, & Stock Pots
  • Adjustable Height from 22” to 32”
  • All Four Legs Independently Adjust for Uneven Terrain
  • Foldable Legs for Convenient Portability

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