Blue Sky Outdoor Living Pike Ultra Portable Smokeless Fire Pit - 10" Diameter

  • By Blue Sky Outdoor Living
  • Model #PFP1009


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The Pike Ultra Portable Fire Pit has an infused air flow design that offers a better burn and is smokeless. The innovative fire pit design burns wood pellets or smaller pieces of wood, generating significant heat for the backyard, camping or the beach. This compact fire pit is easy to carry, set up and clean up. It nests together, making it easy to take anywhere. It works by pulling outside air into the bottom ring of holes/slots on the burn chamber which moves through the hollow wall up to the inside ring of the holes. The heated air is released through the inner ring of holes into the burn chamber, infusing the burn chamber with an extra boost of oxygen which improves the burn. The improved burn vaporizes wood particles, creating little to no smoke or embers. Due to the infused air technology design, this fire pit burns at very high temperatures which can surpass 1,900°F. Its unique design allows the grate within the pit to flex under significant amounts of heat. The design allows for this flexing with an increased quality and strength of the grate welds. This allows the grate to flex without breakage. Even though this product is painted with high temperature paint, at these temperatures, no paint can withstand direct flame and outdoor elements. With use and time, the surfaces of this fire pit will begin to develop a surface rust and mature into a beautiful patina finish. You can maintain the painted look with regular touchups of high temperature paint (not included) if desired. Do not use this unit on or near combustible surfaces or structures. Use only on hard, level surfaces. Do not use on asphalt, or directly on a wooden or composite wood deck. It may cause discoloration to a concrete surface. This fire pit should not be left outside uncovered when not in use. Store your fire pit in a dry location out of the weather to ensure continued use.


  • Blue Sky Outdoor Living Pike Ultra Portable Smokeless Fire Pit
  • Dual Fuel: Use Either (or both) Standard Firewood Pieces or Wood Pellets
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
  • High Temperature Paint Coating
  • Nested Size: 10” Wide x 5.35” Deep
  • Overall Assembled Size: 10” Diameter x 9.5” Height
  • Includes: Burn Chamber, Ash Catch Stand, Carrying Bag
  • Outdoor Use Only

3 Year Limited

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