Camco Olympian Dust Cover for Wall Mounted Wave 6 Catalytic Safety Heater

  • By Camco
  • Model #57713


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Use this Olympian Dust Cover to keep your Olympian Wave 6 Catalytic Safety Heater looking like new! It is recommended that you cover your heater when it is not in use. Not only will this cover help protect the exterior from dust, dirt, and scratches, but it also protects the important heating elements from dust and dirt contamination, helping to prolong the life of the heater. This Dust Cover is designed for a Wave 6 heater that is being used in a wall mounted application.


  • Olympian Dust Cover
  • Fits Olympian Wave 6 Catalytic Safety Heater when used in a Wall Mounted Application
  • Helps Keep Dust & Debris off of the Catalytic Heating Pad
  • Protects from Dust, Dirt, & Scratches
  • Extends the Life of Your Wave Heater
  • Provides Long-Lasting Protection
  • Made from High-Grade Vinyl