Camco Rhino Blaster RV Holding Tank Rinser

  • By Camco
  • Model #39080


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Camco's Rhino Blaster Tank Rinser creates a high flow blast of water into your RV's sewer discharge pipe, cleaning the black or grey water tanks. The 45° angle allows the water to flow up the center of the pipes and directly to the tank to help reduce unwanted odors and clogging. It helps keeps sensors clean to ensure accurate reading. It attaches directly to the RV's sewer drainage pipe so there is no need for sanitation equipment to be brought inside the RV. The vacuum breaker prevents backflow into the freshwater supply. It includes a 4-prong bayonet fitting that easily and securely attaches to the RV's sewer outlet, and a swivel lug fitting to connect to your sewer hose. It is made from clear, break-resistant polyethylene so you can easily see when the water runs clear.


  • Camco Rhino Blaster RV Holding Tank Rinser
  • Swivel Lug Fitting Connects to Your Sewer Hose
  • 4-Prong Bayonet Swivel Fitting Attaches to RV’s Sewer Outlet
  • Direct Jet Allows Water Stream to Rinse & Flush RV Sewer System
  • 45° Elbow Allows Direct Flow of Water into Sewer System
  • Vacuum Breaker Prevents Backflow into Water Hose
  • Clear, Break-Resistant Polyethylene is Sturdy & Durable
  • Easy to See When Tank Is Done Rinsing

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