Carlisle 220 cm Day Tripper 2-Piece Kayak Paddle - Black/Silver

  • By Carlisle
  • Model #01.2557.0820


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The Carlisle Day Tripper 2-Piece Kayak Paddle is an entry level recreational kayak paddle. This Carlisle Kayak Paddle has asymmetric blades made of polypropylene and shaped for smooth, efficient strokes. The lightweight anodized aluminum shaft is ovalized for easy gripping. The Carlisle Kayak Paddle is the paddle of choice for beginners, or for use as a backup. A push-button takedown allows blades to be feathered at 60-degrees or inline, for right- and left-handed control. Embark on a new adventure with the Carlisle Kayak Paddle.


  • Carlisle Day Tripper 2-Piece Kayak Paddle
  • Activity: Recreation
  • Length: 220 cm (86.6 in.)
  • Weight: 37 oz.
  • Feather Angle: 0° & 60°
  • Hand Control: Right or Left
  • Blade Shape: Asymmetrical
  • Shaft Shape: Straight
  • Shaft Size: Standard
  • Ferrule: Push-Button
  • Blade Color: Black
  • Shaft Color: Silver
  • Blade Material: High Impact Polypropylene
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum

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