Cowboy Cauldron The Ranch Boss Fire Pit & Grill

  • By Cowboy Cauldron
  • Model #40001-RANCH BOSS


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Even if it is not burning, just looking at Cowboy Cauldron Co.’s The Ranch Boss Fire Pit & Grill gives you a feeling of confidence, quality, and timelessness. It is this, perhaps even more than its astonishing versatility and functionality, that sets the Cowboy Cauldron apart from everything else on the market. While it is often the central point of resort and lodge settings, it is often found on home patios as a statement of quality and the center of outdoor family life. Built with entertaining in mind, The Ranch Boss can burn whole hogs, seat large numbers of people, and feed throngs. Its size gives tremendous versatility for many kinds of cooking from grilling to serving the world’s most impressive soup pot. It is designed to burn most efficiently right in the bottom of the basin. You do not need the charcoal grate for air flow. The fire goes right in the bottom of the basin, and heat is concentrated in such a way that combustion is very complete. Use the charcoal grate for times when you want to use it for charcoal cooking, but for fires or cooking with fire, just load, light, and laugh. The basin has no holes in the bottom, and for good reasons. First, you don’t want sparks falling out the bottom. Second, you don’t want ash water dripping out on your patio. Third, and most importantly, when you want to put the fire underneath the basin and break the state crawdad boil record, the basin must hold water. The stunning yet subtle sense of presence that radiates form The Ranch Boss is difficult to describe and impossible to ignore. You can just look out the window and know that you have something sitting there that is the best in the world.


  • Cowboy Cauldron The Ranch Boss Fire Pit & Grill
  • Overall Height: 79 in.
  • Basin Diameter: 42 in.
  • Tripod Leg Base: 84 in. Point to Point
  • Adjustable Basin Height
  • Basin Weight: 220 lbs.
  • Tripod Weight: 84 lbs.
  • Basin Built by Hand from Solid 1/4 in. Plate Steel
  • There are No Holes in the Bottom of the Basin
  • Includes: Cauldron, Tripod, Hang Chain, Charcoal Grate, Charcoal Grate Support, Cooking Grill, Aluminum Composite Rain Cover, Stainless Steel Cover Clips


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