Primo Cypress Compact Grill Table for Primo X-Large Oval Ceramic Charcoal Grill Head

  • By Primo
  • Model #PG00602


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The Primo Cypress Grill Table is designed for durability and beauty. It is hand-made and comes unfinished. There are two locking casters in the front to keep your grill in place while cooking. Ceramic shoes are included to create air flow under the grill base.


  • Primo Cypress Compact Grill Table
  • Compatible with Primo X-Large Oval & X-Large Oval Jack Daniels Edition Ceramic Charcoal Grill Heads
  • Dimensions: 45in. W x 25 in. D x 32 in. H
  • (4) Ceramic Feet Included
  • Grill is NOT Included

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