SPYPOINT KIT-12V 12V Power Supply Kit

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Being able to stretch out the time between visits to your camera reduces disruption to your hunting property as well as reduces the amount of human scent left behind. Most often, it is concerns about battery life that forces camera visits, but the 12V Power Supply Kit from SPYPOINT can help reduce those worries. The 12V Power Supply Kit has everything you need to connect your SPYPOINT trail camera to a long-lasting 12V power source, including a 7.0Ah lead-acid battery, charger for the battery, power cable to connect your camera, and an ABS case with carrying strap.


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  • SPYPOINT KIT-12V 12V Power Supply Kit
  • Compatible with All SPYPOINT Cameras Equipped with a 12V Power Jack
  • 12V 7.0Ah Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery
  • 12 ft. Power Cable to Connect to Your Camera
  • AC Battery Charger
  • ABS Carrying Case with Strap