SPYPOINT SB-400 Steel Security Box for SPYPOINT Trail Cameras with 48 LEDs

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If you want more security for your trail camera than a cable lock, try the 16-gauge zinc-coated steel SPYPOINT SB-400 Steel Security Box. Specially designed for SPYPOINT cameras with 48 LEDs, the SB-400 is an armored shell for your game camera. It keeps your SPYPOINT camera secured and protected from both damage and theft. There are holes for cable and padlocks, as well as holes in the back of the box for securing directly to a tree. Please note, this steel box may affect wireless connectivity, especially in low-reception areas.




  • SPYPOINT SB-400 Steel Security Box
  • Fits SPYPOINT Trail Cameras with 48 LEDs
  • Compatible SPYPOINT Trail Camera: FORCE-20
  • Material: 16-Gauge Zinc-Coated Steel
  • Hole on Front to Install a Padlock
  • Holes on Both Sides to Insert a Cable-Lock
  • Holes on Back to Anchor it to a Tree or Wall
  • *Steel Box May Affect Wireless Connectivity, Especially in Low-Reception Areas


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