Triumph Bottle Battle - Disc-Throwing Target Game

  • By Triumph
  • Model #35-7505-3


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Let the games begin with the Triumph Bottle Battle! Competitors attempt to knock down their opponents’ bottle or pole while the defensive team tries to catch the disc and bottle before they hit the ground. This incredibly fun outdoor game set includes all accessories and is ready to play out of the box. Easily assemble the two 1” diameter aluminum telescoping and locking poles with the 5” diameter bottle platforms. The reinforced spike easily and firmly presses into any soft ground with your foot. Place the two 175-gram non-breakable life-like bottles on top of the platforms and use the 165-gram playable disc to target the bottles. Easily keep track of the score with the built-in slide scoring system. Set up and tear down takes less than one minute and can be played on 20-, 30-, and 40-foot-long areas depending on skill levels. After you’re finished playing, pack up the entire set in the heavy-duty carry bag for added convenience and no lost pieces.


  • Triumph Bottle Battle
  • Disc-Throwing Target Game
  • Competitors Attempt to Knock Down Their Opponents’ Bottle or Pole
  • Defensive Team Tries to Catch the Disc & Bottle Before They Hit the Ground
  • Easily Set Up on Any Soft Surface Ground by Pressing onto Base
  • Keep Track of Points Scored with the Built-In Scoring System
  • Can Be Played on 20-, 30-, or 40-Foot-Long Areas
  • Set Up & Tear Down Takes Less Than 1 Minute
  • Set Includes:
  • (2) 1” Diameter Aluminum Telescoping Locking Poles
  • (2) 5” Diameter Bottle Platforms
  • (2) Non-Breakable Life-Like Bottles (175-Gram)
  • (1) Disc (165-Gram)
  • (1) Carry Bag

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