Triumph Patriotic Rally Birdie Set

  • By Escalade Sports
  • Model #35-7375-3


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The Triumph Patriotic Rally Birdie Set is a new kind of paddle ball. It puts a unique twist on a classic favorite by replacing the paddle ball with a helix birdie. Its patriotic design is perfect for outdoor summer parties from the beach to the barbeque. This set includes two short-feathered birdies, two long-feathered birdies, two paddles, and a mesh carrying bag. The long-feathered birdies provide slower, more controlled flights while the short-feathered birdies provide fast flights. The foam paddles provide cushion, comfort, and ease of play.


  • Rally Birdie Puts a Unique Spin on an Old Favorite, Replacing Paddle Balls with Helix Birdies
  • Long Feathered Birdies Provide Slower, More Controlled Flights
  • Short-Feathered Birdies Provide Fast Flights
  • Foam Paddles Provide Cushion, Comfort, & Ease of Play
  • Patriotic Design is Perfect for Outdoor Summer Parties
  • Set Includes:
  • (2) paddles
  • (2) Short-Feathered Birdies
  • (2) Long-Feathered Birdies
  • (1) Mesh Carry Bag

90 day