Triumph Premium Forged Horseshoe Set

  • By Triumph
  • Model #35-7095-2


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The game of horseshoes has been enjoyed for thousands of years. We don’t plan on stopping that trend any time soon. Keep the tradition going with the best horseshoe set around: The Triumph Premium Forged Horseshoe Set. With four powder-coated forged steel horseshoes, two powder-coated forged steel stakes, and one hard plastic case, this set comes complete with almost everything needed to get the games going. Just grab a hammer and you’re ready to set up your pit. The Triumph steel horseshoe features a finger positioner making them easier to hold, as well as ringer breakers allowing it to spin when hitting the stake instead of bouncing off. When you’re ready to pack up, the hard-plastic carry case with locking tabs makes transportation and storage simple and easy. Get the best horseshoe set today for loads of outdoor fun!


  • Triumph Premium Forged Horseshoe Set
  • Finger Positioners Make Horseshoes Easier to Hold
  • Ringer Breakers Allow Horseshoes to Spin Instead of Bouncing Off Stake
  • Powder Coating Creates a Rust-Proof Exterior for Years of Play
  • Hard Plastic Carry Case Makes Transport & Storage Simple & Easy
  • Set Includes:
  • (4) Forged Steel Horseshoes
  • (2) 24” Long Forged Steel Stakes
  • (1) Plastic Carry Case with Locking Tabs

90 day