WEBER CONNECT Smart Grilling Hub

  • By Weber
  • Model #3201


This product is no longer offered.


The WEBER CONNECT Smart Grilling Hub is a step-by-step grilling assistant that turns any grill into a smart grill, and any griller into a master. It sends notifications directly to a compatible smart device via the WEBER CONNECT App. Its remote WiFi access, flip and serve notifications, and readiness countdowns are the secret ingredients to grilling greatness. All it takes is a glance at your phone to know that everything is on track and grilling to perfection. A Grate Clip is provided to secure the Ambient Temperature Probe to the cooking surface. Probes should never be submerged in water, use caution when washing to avoid exposing the probe wiring and area where the probe and wire meet to water. The Hub is rated to 150°F, avoid placing it on hot surfaces such as the lid or hood of your grill. When not in use, the Hub should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, such as an indoor cabinet or drawer.


  • Includes: (1) Hub, (1) Meat Probe, (1) Ambient Probe, (1) Ambient Grate Clip, & (1) USB Charging Cable
  • Hub Dimensions: 2.95 in. x 3.86 in. x 1.34 in.
  • Probe Temperature Range: -22°F to 572°F
  • Compatible with Any Grill
  • Remote WiFi Access
  • Flip & Serve Notifications
  • Custom Food Doneness Alerts
  • Food Readiness Countdown & Estimated Cook Time
  • Step-By-Step Assistance from Setup to When it’s Time to Eat
  • Pairs with a Compatible Smart Device via WEBER CONNECT App
  • Some Smart Devices are NOT Compatible with WEBER CONNECT App

3 Years