Weber Pecan Wood Chunks – 350 cu. in. Bag

  • By Weber
  • Model #17137


This product is no longer offered.


Wood chunks are great for adding wood smoke flavor to foods, or they can be the perfect alternative to charcoal briquets as a heat source for grilling. To add flavor while cooking with charcoal briquets, place one or two dampened wood chunks on top of the hot charcoal before placing food on the cooking grate. Soaking wood chunks for two hours before you are ready to cook will produce more smoke and more flavor. The more wood chunks you use, the stronger the smoky flavor will be. To use as a heat source, build a pyramid of dry wood chunks and ignite 30 minutes before grilling. After the wood chunks have started to burn, add enough additional chunks to make a strong heat source. When the chunks are red-hot and streaked with white ash, spread them into a single layer and start grilling. Add one or two dampened wood chunks for added smoke flavor.


  • Weber Wood Chunks
  • Ideal for Smoking Over Longer Intervals
  • 350 cu. in. Bag
  • Pecan Firespice
  • Rich Sweet Flavor
  • Pungent Yet Sweet for Pulled Chicken or Brisket

2 Years