Ani-Logics Outdoors Crush seeds of science fixin

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  • Model #24017


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Ever wish you could plant a food plot in the spring that could enhance your soil and fix nitrogen levels for your fall-planted plot?  With four different annual clovers, CRUSH® Seeds of Science™ Fixin’ Clover™ is quick to germ and helps to reduce weed com


  • Blend Contents: Crimson Clover, Yuchi Arrowleaf Clover, Ani-Crush™ Brand Balansa Clover, and Balady Berseem Clover
  • 5lb bag covers ½ acre – 22,000 sq. ft.
  • Annual clovers are much faster at getting established than perennial clovers, so if you want a lush clover field in a hurry, this is the plot for you
  • Provides a spring cover crop of lush clovers that keep weed competition down before you plant your fall blend
  • Protects soil from erosion by keeping topsoil from being exposed during early portion of growing season
  • Give deer a nutritious, high-tonnage forage for the early part of growing season, at a crucial time for developing antlers and lactating does
  • Annual Blend, Spring or Fall Plant