Battery biz duracell powersource gasless generator

  • By Battery Biz
  • Model #DR660PSS


This product is no longer offered.


Duracell’s Power Source delivers power you can depend on anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re hunkered down during an emergency or enjoying the great outdoors, you can rely on the Duracell Power Source to deliver clean and quiet power without the noise, gas or fumes of a traditional gas-powered generator. With 660 Amp hours of battery capacity the Power Source has plenty of power to keep your devices powered up and can even be daisy chained with an external battery for increased capacity. The quiet, battery operated Power Source is a better alternative to gas generators and can be used indoors during extreme weather. The Power Source is ideal for critical devices that require uninterrupted power because it can instantly transition from AC wall power to its internal battery power in the event of a power outage.


  • 660 watt hour battery capacity ( 12V, 55Ah)
  • 4 AC outlets for powering household items
  • 2 USB ports for on the go power
  • LCD power display
  • 1 12V DC outlet
  • Instant on UPS feature for uninterrupted power
  • Built in handles for easy transport
  • AC input for 10Hr recharging
  • Threaded terminals for secure connection to additional batteries
  • Built-in solar controller with Anderson connector for 10Hr recharging

2 Year

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