Battery Biz Lithium iron phosphate deep cycle battery

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Designed for long-lasting and reliable energy storage, the Duracell 100 Ah 12.8 Volt LFP battery is perfect for the off-grid lifestyle. Lighter, more durable, and with a more usable energy capacity and longer lifespan than a traditional Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery, it’s an invaluable part of a power system for a remote structure, RV, travel van, or boat with a trolling motor. Duracell LFP batteries require practically no maintenance and last up to 10 times longer than their Lead Acid counterparts. They also stay charged longer and lose less energy over time than Lead Acid batteries, giving you more power to achieve your adventure.


  • A reliable, long-lasting energy storage device.
  • LFP charger recommended for faster charging (sold separately).
  • Lead-Acid charger may also be used (subject to limitations of existing battery charging system. Must not have de-sulfating feature)
  • Can be combined with other lithium batteries for more energy storage or higher voltage output
  • 2 batteries in series for 24V or 4 batteries in series for 48V
  • Do not connect more than 4 batteries together in parallel or series
  • Designed to last up to 6000 cycles, at which point it will still hold 75-80% of its energy capacity.
  • Low self-discharge rate means that even occasional users can still be assured that the battery will remain charged for when you need energy most
  • IP65-rated housing will protect from dirt, dust, and temporary exposure to water (do not submerge in water)
  • Considerable advantages over traditional Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries
  • 2.5 times lighter for better portability
  • Stays charged longer – can hold a charge up to a year with no load on the battery
  • Up to 400% more energy density – LFPs can be fully discharged, Lead-Acid cannot
  • More durable and resilient to vibration, heat and cold
  • Saves money with more usable energy and much longer lifespan
  • Swappable drop-in replacement for SLA (subject to limitations of existing battery charging system)

3 years