Flame King 1lb refillable lp cylinder, 16.4oz., green

  • By Flame King
  • Model #FLMKNG164LP


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The Flame King Refillable Propane Cylinder and Refill Kit is a versatile container that fits all modern appliances compatible with non-refillable tanks. The Flame King refillable propane bottle is the only option that is both DOT compliant as well as legally refillable & transportable. Its unique patented valve design is exclusive and one of a kind, unavailable by any other manufacturer. These propane cylinders are perfect for all of your outdoor appliances that can accommodate a disposable tank, including your Mr. Heater, Weber, Coleman, and others. You can use a refill adapter to fit on any standard 20-pound propane tank, making Flame King Refillable Propane Cylinder the last you'll ever need to purchase. Instead of wasting single-use disposable tanks, join the eco-revolution and use the Flame King refill adapter! Change the way you grill and cook outdoors forever with the Flame King Refillable Propane Cylinder and Refill Kit.

1 year