Inflatables Repair Kits

Tears can occur, even in the most durable of inflatables. You'll want to be prepared for when they do. In the event of an inflatables tear, it's best to have an inflatables repair kit on hand. Imagine you're throwing a pool party or backyard birthday bash, and one of your giant inflatables tears. If you happen to have an inflatables repair kit, you can mend the tear and keep the fun going! Our inflatables repair kits contain airtight, watertight, and elastic material that stretches to keep patches in place for a long time. Just peel and stick on punctures and tears for easy repairs wherever you are. Repair materials are UV-resistant and transparent, allowing them to blend in with inflatables of any color or pattern. Use our premium inflatables repair kits on your towable inflatables, bicycle tubes, rafts, pool floats, kiteboard bladders, and more. At Omni Outdoor Living, we carry an abundance of high-quality, durable outdoor equipment for all kinds of fun and good times. Browse our selection of vinyl and PVC inflatables repair kits and choose your pick while supplies last!