Wildgame innovations portable unit - zerotrace portable scent elimination blk

  • By Wildgame Innovations
  • Model #WGIPG0006


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For scent elimination just about anywhere, there’s the ZeroTrace Portable. This scent elimination unit is compatible with three power sources: standard outlets, USB ports and 12V vehicle plugs. We even sized it just right to take up residence in cup holders. The easy-to-use ZeroTrace Portable begins working instantly with a super quiet fan for odor removal that’s as safe as it is effective. This ZeroTrace device creates a constant flow of charged particles known as plasma ions. These electrically charged positive and negative ions naturally cling to airborne particles as air cycles through the unit. Through a bonding process, the ions render odor molecules and scent contaminants inert – all without the by-product of potentially harmful ozone.


  • Safe, ozone-free scent elimination
  • Removes odor-causing bacteria
  • Safe for indoor use – even confined spaces (vehicle, closet, etc.)
  • Won’t damage clothing or gear
  • Ultra-quiet fan evenly spreads healthy ion particle flow
  • Sized to fit in vehicle cup holders
  • Multiple charging options to reduce scent anywhere