Inflatable Water Floats

Experience the joy and excitement of inflatable water floats from Omni Outdoor Living for some aquatic fun this summer! Try out one of our floating loungers for poolside relaxation under the sun- picture the warmth on your skin, the peaceful sound of rippling water surrounding you, and an ice-cold tasty drink in hand. For a more exciting experience, try out one of our multi-person inflatable water floats, like the Airhead Classic Cruiser or the Sportstuff Fiesta Island Pool Float. Take one of these large inflatable floats out on the lake or ocean with your friends for a fun aquatic adventure! We have water floats in all kinds of shapes and sizes- including anything from a big banana lounger to a magical unicorn float! Browse our one-of-a-kind selection and choose your pick today while supplies last. Then sit back and enjoy the floatation relaxation!