Water Hoses, Components & Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

As your source of water while out on the campsite, water hoses are among the most vital RV parts and accessories. Most hoses are somewhat fragile in the cold, as they are not designed for the severe temperatures of deep winter. As a result, water hoses often freeze when connected to the water supply. Solutions to water hose freezing include wrapping hoses, insulating system valves, or thawing hoses once frozen.

To wrap your water hose, lay insulation flat and match its length to your hose’s. Tape heat cable along the hose, each coil about 30 centimeters apart. Add electrical tape to secure the cable in place. Keeping an extra RV drinking water hose is a good idea in case your original hose freezes or becomes damaged. Camco Tastepure Hoses are great to have on hand, as they can also pump anti-freeze into your RV’s water system. Equipping yourself with the right gear in advance is key to winterization optimization!